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Monday, October 26, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist Recaps Wedding Event: Outside wedding makeup

As a Naples Makeup Artist I get A LOT of wedding business! Living in Southwest Florida is beautiful and so many women love getting married here :). Today I'm going to discuss the fundamentals for wedding makeup and some tricks on a beach or outdoor wedding that will keep your makeup looking flawless!

TIP #1:

My first and best kept secret is for foundation, since that seems to be the biggest problem among outside weddings. A GREAT trick is keeping your foundation in the fridge before your wedding, (whichever foundation you choose) the cold makes it stay longer/better, and the coolness on your skin feels great and also calms redness! Apply with a brush or sponge and blend making sure it's not "cakey."

TIP #2:

Finishing powder is a must! Try MAC mineralized finishing powder, it definitely helps the staying powder of your foundation, bronzer & blush. Apply this powder after your face makeup is complete.

TIP #3:

Highlighting powder works great for weddings. It gives the bride a nice glow and makes her look extremely elegant. Just apply it right along the cheek bone and up into the temples, LIGHTLY and see how when you turn in the light it gives a great glow and shimmer!

TIP #4:

Gel liner and Waterproof mascara are a must. Any other type of mascara or liner will run either from the heat outside or the tears of joy from becoming a new bride!

All of these tips are easy to follow, just make sure that you get the right products or have the right makeup artist doing your makeup. If you follow these simple guidelines you will already be ahead of most brides ;). If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me on facebook or twitter!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist Compares Eye Liners: Gel, Liquid & Pencils

There are many specific reasons why certain liners should be worn while others are not appropriate. All three types come in handy for different occasions. Being a Naples makeup artist I am asked constantly which liner is better to use, which one's easiest, etc. The following details a list of advantages and disadvantages of each type of liner:


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't smudge
  • virtually water/sweat proof
  • makes a clean, crisp line
  • Great for everyday wear

  • Cannot smudge for smokey look
  • Can't use in waterline
  • Too harsh for under eye line


  • Easier to use for some people
  • Comes in great colors
  • Quick

  • Crusts up throughout the day
  • messy
  • No crisp line
  • Not waterproof

  • Great for Smokey Eye
  • Can be used for waterline
  • Smudges well under eye

  • No Bold colors
  • runs throughout the day
  • Drags eye (more harsh)
Gel is by far my favorite eye liner because it gets the job done and lasts all day. When you first put it on it dries instantly so will not be messy. MAC as well as Bobbi Brown make wonderful gel eye liners with appropriate brushes for application. If you have any questions feel free to email me :).

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