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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Naples Makeup Artist Reviews Clarisonic Skincare Brush!

What is all this hype about the Clarisonic about?! What IS the Clarisonic some of you are wondering? This rechargeable battery operated skincare brush is one of the BEST inventions your skin has EVER experienced! Guys I am SO excited about this product! Being a Naples makeup artist I am approached daily with skincare problems and questions about how to constantly improve its appearance and reverse the damage. This product is one of the best things you can do to save your skin whether it's acne, wrinkles, enlarged pores, etc.


All you have to do is use your favorite cleanser, whatever it may be, and in a circular motion run the brush gently across your face to cleanse. The Clarisonic's bristles move at about 300 times per second and clean 6 times more efficiently than normal washing!! This means that not only are you cleansing deep within the pores, you're also removing months of makeup, dirt, oil, etc. This helps your products work much better and increases the absorbency your skin has towards these products, whether they're anti-wrinkle or anti-breakout. Although expensive it is so worth the buy.

The brush is also a natural exfoliate so you don't even need to use a scrubber (in fact it's recommended that you don't use a scrub while using the brush). There are three different kinds of brushes for people with more durable skin to very sensitive skin types. This is a great product for men AND women who want to see improvement in their skin routine :). I highly recommend picking this up at your local dermatologist's office or Nordstrom.

Naples Makeup Artist & Skincare Professional
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