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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist uncovers Hollywood Secret on Applying Make Up: Lips

Many women suffer from dry, cracked lips and can never get that defined, perfect plump colored lip that they desire. Due to weather, irritation or simply heredity lips tend to burn and crack and can become extremely sensitive to their environment. As a Naples Makeup Artist I have learned a few Hollywood tricks that will keep those peckers plump and supple. Here's a few tips for applying make up:

-It is always good practice to put vaseline on your lips before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. This will not keep your lips naturally supple, but will also fill in the lines and cracks as your body repairs itself at night.
-Always use some type of lip primer before you apply lip stick or gloss, (especially glosses with sparkles as the grittiness can irritate the skin). A primer will fill in those cracks and condition the lips for the color. They also allow the lip stick/gloss to last longer.
-Always use a liner!! If you are not a fan of the "liner look," then choose a liner that is the same color as the lip stick. It will cause a defined effect that makes your lip stick look flawless!

When asked about applying make up, especially lip stick, everyone is always concerned about time. Women always have a time issue."Why should I do all of that when I'm trying to get out the door?" they ask... Well it may take you an extra thirty seconds at MOST to add these few extra steps to your normal routine. AND it makes all the difference in your look :).
Applying make up is a job that is in constant need of practice. There are always new things to learn and new tricks to try. As a Naples makeup artist I am always learning the hottest trends for my clients. If you have ANY questions please feel free to email me!

Naples Makeup Artist
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist talks on How to do makeup: Cat Eye Makeup

As a Naples makeup artist one of the most popular requests I get from my clients is a smokey, cat eye. One of the common myths is that smokey eyes can only be done in black, however you can do a smokey eye in any color you want! Normally when doing cat eyes you use multiple colors to create the "winged out" effect. The image on the right is a classic example of three different colored BLUES used to make a smokey eye. (the image to the left is much more dramatic but can be softened in black just the same way).
First: Pick out three shadows of the same color, but different shades, one very light, one medium and one dark (such as a blue white, teal and navy).
Second: Apply medium shade (teal) from lash line to lid, BELOW crease
Third: Apply light shade underneath the brow, creating a gap between the teal on the lid and light shadow in the brow.
Fourth: With a creased shadow brush, apply darker shade in the crease and "wing out" past the normal eye line. Bring the dark shade down to go on the outer corner of the lid and connect for a "cat like" shape. (see image on right above) blend as necessary.

When asked how to do makeup I always say one specific thing: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! There is no eye or face shape alike so it is so important that you find a technique that works for you and practice it! If you have any questions on how to do makeup or skin care feel free to email me or follow me on twitter! I am always happy to answer any questions :).

Naples Makeup Artist
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist talks talks on Applying Make Up : Blush

Blush application may seems like an easy thing, but many women struggle to blend their blush in the proper way. When applying make up with the wrong technique, it can sometimes look cakey or and jagged with blush. As a Naples Makeup Artist I have done many womens' makeup and I can tell you it is all done in the exact same way when it comes to blush: BLENDING FROM THE HAIRLINE FORWARD.
Not only does this technique provide contouring as well as highlighting (with a darker and lighter colored blush of course) but it also eliminates all of the excess product that you get if you go the opposite way. If you go from the cheek towards the hairline when applying make up such as blush, it becomes much more difficult to blend. Until you become an expert, make SURE to take your blush brush and move it from the hairline forward.
Lastly, it is always good to use two different colors when applying blush. A darker color for your contour and a lighter one brushed on top for your highlighting (as mentioned above). If you have an angled blush brush (recommended), use the slanted edge for the darker contour and the side to brush highlighter along the cheek bone. Many women are intimidated by applying make up, but it is simple once you get the hang of it! If you have any questions feel free to email me! Being a Naples makeup artist I love answering questions and helping women feel beautiful on the inside and the out!

Naples Makeup Artist
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist talks about Applying Make Up: Skin Care

Before applying make up, it is essential that the right skin care preps your face. With absolutely no excuses, every morning you should wash, tone and moisturize your skin. If you plan on going out and wearing the foundation all day, use a primer after your moisturizer and before your makeup.
Sometimes it is difficult to know which skin care works best for which skin type. As I've mentioned in my previous blogs on applying make up, there are four basic skin types:
  • dry
  • oily
  • combination
  • normal
It is fairly easy to tell which one you are.

Before applying make up on dry skin, use a cream cleanser followed by a moisturizing toner (Kiels makes a great one) and then a moisture rich moisturizer.

For oily skin, pretty standard skin care would include a gel cleanser, clarifying toner and oil control moisturizer.

However, what most people with oily skin don't realize is that washing your face with oil based cleansers IF THE OIL IS A HIGH GRADE, (such as philosophy's purity face wash) can be a GOOD thing! Many men and women tend to strip their face of oil when they have oily skin, leaving it dry at first. The glands are sent a signal that the face is dry and need to produce more oil, so they quickly produce TOO MUCH oil, resulting in a greasy complexion.

Combination is tricky, in the T zone use an oil control moisturizer, but on the outer areas of the face use a much richer moisturizer to remove the dry skin cells.

Finally, normal skin does not need much help ;). Choose a cream cleanser followed by a basic toner with aloe or soothing ingredients like caffeine (yes caffeine is soothing when placed on the skin!) Finally end with a moisturizer for all skin types.

If you have any questions as to what type of skin you have or on applying make up, please feel free to email me :). As a Naples makeup artist I love making people feel beautiful about themselves!

Naples Makeup Artist
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Friday, June 26, 2009

Naples Makeup Aritst Teaches You How to do Makeup on the Go!

There are basically four essential steps for an on the go woman:


I get asked constantly about how to do makeup for an "on the go" mom or basically any woman who feels like she's constantly rushed and doesn't have time for her appearance. The simple fact is that appearance and first impressions are SO important, and with this simple, four step rule of applying make up you can be ready and out the door in less than 5 minutes!

  • Use a light shadow, preferably frost (matte shadows are harder to blend) and place with brush from the lid to slightly above the crease.
    Light shadows are always a good choice for daytime: they open up the eyes and make the skin appear brighter ::
  • Take your favorite mascara and lightly brush two coats on top and bottom lashes
  • Use Angled Blush Brush and apply from hairline forward a light but noticeable blush (peaches and bronzers work great for day)
  • Throw on a clear or tinted gloss and you're ready to go!!
Don't forget the principle of skin care before application, this applies for any makeup look. For more questions on how to do makeup you can either follow me on twitter or email me! As a Naples makeup artist, I am always happy to help women be beautiful in any way that I can :)!

Naples Makeup Artist
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist talks on How to do Makeup: Foundation

One of the hardest concepts to grasp is the principle of foundation and how to do makeup the right way for your skin type. The most common skin types are dry, oily, normal and combination. A fellow Naples makeup artist and artist to the stars revealed her biggest secret to me for applying foundation on a job we did a few months ago: "Always use a brush, never a sponge, and choose which specific brush based on desired coverage. The harder the bristles, the fuller the coverage, the softer the bristle, the more airbrushed and light coverage look. When it comes to skin, figure out which skin type you have and prep it accordingly for foundation ALWAYS with a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and primer if needed."
After listening to her advice, I found that one of my absolute favorite brushes for foundation is the MAC 189 brush, (first brush shown) which is great for concealer and the areas needed for better coverage. My second favorite is the MAC 187 (Second shown) because it glides on foundation giving it an airbrushed look without sucking up all of your product like a sponge.
When asked how to do makeup by my clients, I always give them these helpful tips for the perfect look. :)

Naples Makeup Artist
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist talks about Applying Make Up, (Eyes & Eye Shape)

As a Naples Makeup Artist I get to talk about applying make up all of the time! One of the most frequently asked questions is how to apply eye make up according to eye shape. The largest tip that I can give you is that before applying make up learn WHAT KIND OF EYE SHAPE YOU HAVE, then do the research. It is so important to know about your features before attempting to accentuate them. If you don't know the shape, how do you know the proper technique? There are typically 7 types of eye shapes:

-Almond- can wear almost any look, typical eye shape
-Asian - no crease, lighter colors all over lid
-Wide Set - bring the shading to the inner corner of the eye and lighter towards outer corner
-Close Set - bring shading to the outer corner and lighter to inner
-Deep Set Crease - lighter colors on lid, darker above crease towards brow
-Pronounced - smokey eyes work best to offset the "pop out" effect
-Downward - bring the darker shadow to the outer corner and angle upwards, along with liner

Applying make up can be easy if you just get the basics! Email me or message me on twitter with any questions, (either make up or skincare :) ). I would be happy to answer any makeup 911's!! :)

Naples Makeup Artist
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