Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Naples Makeup Artist Reviews Skincare: DO EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS WORK??

First Of All, I want to congratulate our winner of the Bobbi Brown Foundation!! I will be doing more contest giveaways shortly so stay tuned for more! :). As a Naples makeup artist, I am always approached with this question, "I am on a budget, how can I get top of the line products for my skin and still get results? Do high end skin care products really compare to CVS/drugstore brand or am I paying for a package?"

My answer is simple, RESEARCH YOUR INGREDIENTS! Depending on your skin type, drugstore brand may be just fine for you (oily, acne, normal). With these types of skin, a simple, non-fragrance cleanser will do the trick. Make sure when looking at high-end vs. drug store that you are careful to avoid cheap oils. Some oils can be good for your skin, but drugstore brand uses cheap ingredients that can irritate and harm the skin. Believe it or not there are different kinds of oils! Good and Bad! "Good" oils can seap into the skin hydrating and healing it, while bad oils simply lay on top of the skin irritating it and causing redness! Try Oil of Olay foaming face wash in the black and white bottle, soap & oil free and works great! If you have more serious issues with acne, a low budget but high end skincare line that works wonders is Mario Badesco. The cleansers, toners, moisturizers and drying lotion will heal your skin and prevent future breakouts.

For more mature skin, as I mentioned before it helps a lot to research your ingredients. For example, Garnier Nutrisse has a commercial out that claims to reduce wrinkles by 30%. That is nothing when you consider that lines such as Dior, Osmotics, Elemis & Chanel have patented products that reduce lines up to 80% and are proven to do so if you stick to the regiman! One of my favorite products for older skin is Osmotics Creaseless, Eye Surgery and Blue Copper. Developed by Francine porter, a skin GURU, this line is absolutely amazing. Ask anyone that's used it and they will tell you the results they've gotten. Chanel also is wonderful. They research their skin care products for 10 YEARS before putting them on the shelves. So again, think before you buy ;).

If you have any questions feel free to email me :). I love helping people feel beautiful on the inside and out!

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