Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Naples Makeup Artist Compares Brushes to Fingers, Why use brushes??

Of course being a Naples makeup artist I get asked ALL of the time, what is the difference between using brushes and using your fingers? I use my fingers and sponges to apply everything, whats the big deal?... It's actually a HUGE deal and makes all the difference in the world. 

Ever walk into a department store or makeup store and wonder why all of the women's makeup looks so perfect? Well number one, they all use primers and know how their products are going to wear throughout the day and number two, they have BRUSHES that they use to apply EVERYTHING!

By far one of my favorite brush sets in the entire world are chanel because they last forever! But, if chanel isn't really in your budget, test out some CVS brand to make sure they're soft enough and don't irritate the skin. 

MAC has one of my all time favorite brushes as well and is very inexpensive. Some are synthetic and some have real hair, go for the ones that fit you best. 

What's the problem with using sponges or fingers?
1. Sponges soak up most of your product and end up wasting your makeup
2. Fingers are uneven and everyone knows that touching your face all of the time causes bacteria to fester. 

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